Saturday, August 8, 2009

Random Thoughts

Jesus Colome Brings the heat, but not the sizzle. You can't just pump fastballs into the middle and hope hitters are late. He appeared to have very little movement on anything. It's great when you can throw 97MPH, but if that's all you do eventually they'll catch up to it and light you up. Let's hope his stuff was limited by the jitters.

Casey Mgeheeneegeenee has been one hell of a find. He needs to be our 3B for the future. Send Gamel to winter ball and have him get ready for the outfield.

Corey Patterson is hitting .429 since joining the Sounds. I have a feeling that Hall may actually be cut before the end of the year. I realize it's a huge hit for salary carrying into 2010, but when he plays he just hurts the team so what's the fucking difference? Time to end this.

Hardy and Hart need to go in the offseason. I was really hoping Hardy would get hot before the end of the year so he would bring more in trade. I don't know how much a SS hitting .229 that runs like he has a load of shit in his pants will bring. I'm pretty sure I could out run him with my floppy shoes while juggling.

I'm excited to see our short stop for next year, Escobar. If we continue to suck you'll probably see a lot of him in September. With speed like that Macha better start running. That would be a complete waste.


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