Monday, August 3, 2009

Hart out for a month, Hall recalled

Corey Hart will be out for probably a month after having his appendix removed last night. Dr's initially thought he was having labor pains from being a giant vagina. Bill Hall of Fame has already been recalled from AAA Nash. and will be starting in right field.

I can't wait for a steady dose of Hall. I can't even say that I hope he figured something out. At this point I fucking despise him and just want him to be done. Even if he actually plays good while Hart is out, eventually he's going to fall right back into his old ways.

Losing 2 to the Padres isn't going to help our cause. Besides 2 breakout innings the offense was garbage. That was a pretty rough series to watch.

villanueva had a pretty good start yesterday, let's hope that's contagious to the rest of the crew.

It's looking like the Lopez deal was a good one. He seems to always have good at bats and run up the count.

Vargas; 2 innings pitched 2 runs given up. Just like old times! At least he's eating up some innings. He looks to have some pretty good stuff. Just needs to locate his pitches better.

Now we get to play the Dodgers. We always suck when we play out west to begin with. At this point if we can steal one game I'll be happy. Then go sweep the Stros.


Chorenzo Chorizno said...

I hope and pray Frank Catallanatatattto and his awesome at bat music eat up Bill Hall's playing time. Hope Hall doesn't come back with a piss poor attitude, the last thing this team needs while they try to make the post-season (however remote of a chance that is at this point).

Garcia said...

The Brewers apparentlty signed Corey Patterson and will have him playing in AAA... they really don't trust Hall, or anyone on the roster who plays in the outfield except Braun and Cam.

Anonymous said...

Cory Patterson your newest Brewer

- Nubs

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