Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Brewers, Brewers, Turning up the suck!

Clown was a bit tired last night from making balloon animals for bastard children, so I fell alseep in the 7th inning. The score was 4-3 Dodgers at that point. I wake up this morning to a 17-4 slaughter. Then, Bob Cooper sends me a news link about Fielder trying to charge into the Dodgers club house.

This sounds like pussy shit to me. Fielder knew he wasn't going to get through to the club house. He knew other players would stop him. He knew security would stop him. If you want to fight someone just charge the mound and get it done. Don't wait until after the fact and pretend to be a badass. What was Fielder going to do if he got through to the club house? Fight dozens of people? (He should have brought Kendall with him. He's a world champion bum fighter) If you're gonna fight someone don't pretend, just fucking throw down. I wish he had charged the mound. Although, Mota's face already looks like someone beat him with a bag of nickles.

I didn't see the pitch from Smith, so I can't say whether or not it was a bean ball. Sounded like more of a grazing shot on the leg. Even still, the crew is now 5 out and need to focus more on playing baseball and less on getting their shots in.

I did hear a funny thing on the radio this morning. After the game someone from the AP asked Macha a question in regards to Prince and referred to him as Cecil. Macha said something like "Who are you with? His names Prince. He's a 2 time All Star... won the home run derby this year. Maybe you've heard of him?"

Tonight should be interesting. I'm hoping for a bench clearling brawl. If you can't beat them, BEAT them.


Chorenzo Chorizno said...

I fell asleep soon after the Manny homerun so I missed a lot of it too. I figured you'd be more mad about Mota beaming Prince. For some reason, I seem to remember you not being a fan of Guillermo Mota.

Clown said...

What would ever give you that idea?! Oh, maybe it was when I was above the bullpen and was yelling "Sit down Mota you SUCK!"

It just seems like there is always drama this year. Drama doesn't win games it only gets you beat up in high school.

I just hate these late games. A clown gets tired from walking around all day in these giant floppy shoes.

Chorenzo Chorizno said...

Like you said, I guess we see how tonight unfolds. I don't know if Prince was trying to put on a big show to get the team motivated or what.

If someone left you a big comb in your mailbox, would you feel better?

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