Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Top 10 Highlights

Prince Fielders walk off where the team fell over at the plate made the USA Today top 10 "curtain call" highlights for 2009. I like how when it happened everyone thought it was terrible and it pissed off all the "old school" players, but now when they look back it's a highlight.

I actually laughed when I heard some of the comments from players that said they were "Old School". Put down the steriods, don't use batting gloves, swing an ash bat, smoke a stogie before rounding the bases and give up the whirlpool. Then you'll be old school you douches.

Here's the original story on USA Today. It's under the 'Top News'


Otherwise, Haudricourt had a post about it:


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Anonymous said...

Baseball (players, managers, talking heads, etc.) need to get off the old school kick. So what if a team has fun. It's not 1910 anymore and I'm not wearing my best suit and top hat to the games. Most people obviously see this as fun and entertaining. The Giants are offended by this, but didn't seem to care about Bonds and the obvious performance enhancing behavior he was exhibiting??

-Mr. Del Taco

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