Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Terrible Calls

last nights Yankees - Angels game showcased some of the worst officiating I have ever seen. A blown call on a pickoff play where Aybar clearly had Swisher dead to rights seemed to turn into a makeup call when Swisher was called out on appeal for leaving 2nd "too early" on the tag up. The worst call though was when Posada got caught in a run down between home and third trying to allow Cano to advance to 3rd. Angel's catcher Mike Napoli tagged Cano and Posada who were both standing off the base. How can you miss this call? Tim McClleland was standing 2 feet from the action and called Cano safe. Is there a new rule in baseball that says you can stand off the base when time has not been called that I'm not aware of? It's not the first time that dumbshit has missed easy calls. Time to take a hike fucko.

The Yankee's won but may have just cursed themselves by saying they will start to sell tickets to the World Series TODAY. How could God not make a team called the Angels beat these assholes?

On another note; I like how Sabathia is pitching awesome in the playoffs on 3 days rest. Where the fuck was that last year? Then again, we did use him like a rental car that you smoke in, eat whoppers with extra everything and do neutral drops.


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