Monday, October 19, 2009

New England ass whooping

This is an awesome picture of Billy Bob Brady. He looks like he should have starred in Sling Blade. I'm surprised Bill Belichick wasn't wearing his usual cutoff K-mart sweatshirt. Then again, he can hide more video equipment in his winter coat...

I hate the Patriots, but I must say that I was enjoying watching the Patriots beating the shit out of the Titans in a snow storm in October. Again with the retro uniforms, but I actually like the old Patriots logo much better. CBS decided to switch games saying "Well, it's obvious what the outcome of this game will be" and then went to the Bills game! I was quite pissed off. Was it only DirectTV that did this? I was able to watch second half being that I have NFL Sunday Ticket, but if I didn't have that I would have been stuck watching a shitty Bill's game.

CBS sports fucking blow. The production value and commentary is just garbage. You could put a lump of shit on the broadcast and it would have better insights than Phil Simms.


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