Friday, October 2, 2009


Things we learned about and from the gang:

1. River crabbing is recession proof

2. Frank's neck is too thick making it impossible to hang himself

3. Selling vacuums and knifes door to door can be dangerous

4. Giving free beer to shanty town people is not a good business strategy

5. Vacuums are not made for shoes

6. Charlies uncle wants to wrestle him in an "Uncle" way

7. Dave & Busters is a good place to spend bailout cash


Anonymous said...

I thought that episode was OK. Average.
It seemed like Coors and Dave & Busters gave them ad money to talk about their products, so they wrote an episode around that concept.

-Mr. Del Taco

Clown said...

Yeah, I would agree. That was a lot of Dave & Busters. That has to be FX telling them to do that. How would the cast benefit from ads?

There were some pretty good parts like when Frank turns on the vacuum and says "It's not made for shoes!"

Clown said...

Oh, and the part where Frank tries to hang himself AGAIN. That was hilarious.

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