Wednesday, October 7, 2009


An interesting conversation going on in the comments section that is worth it's own post.

Anonymous said...
Maybe trade Fielder to the Bo Sox for pitching, and figure out one of those guys to take over first. Brewers have too many issues, and Fielder will not be here after his contract is up. No way in hell he stays.-Mr. Del Taco

October 7, 2009 10:31 AM

Garcia said...
86 that idea Mr. Del Taco. Trade someone lesser than Prince to the Whitesox for either Gavin Floyd or John Danks. Both are solid and they already have Peavy and Burhle, however you spell his name, coming back. They can have Gamel, but they don't need him. They probably wouldn't mind Prince, but that would cost them both Floyd and Danks or Burhle and one of the younger guys. I think that is an option. I don't like the idea of Prince going, but managment does not seem keen on keeping him. His two year contract tells me that!


I wonder how much realistically it would cost to lock up Fielder long term? 100 millionish? I would say it's worth it. If you trade Fielder you lose part of the whole team dynamic along with 100 RBI and 40ish home runs every year. Is it worth getting one Ace pitcher plus a B side player and or some A ball prospects?

On the other hand if you don't deal Prince and he has another .300, 100 RBI and 45 HR year you're probably looking at the highest paid player in baseball come contract end. I doubt Fielder would even entertain an offer from the Crew with that kind of payday on the horizon especially being a Boras client.

It's a tough situation and I think the fans in Milwaukee are going to be left with a bad taste in their mouth with the outcome. I think we're going to see the true character of Fielder and I think it's made of money.


Anonymous said...

If you're Fielder, you have to take more money elsewhere. Why take a Brewer 4 yr $100 Mil when you could get a 7 yr $170 Mil from the Angels or Dodgers. He has to be traded or you likely lose one of the best young players in the league for nothing. $70 million is $70 million. How do you turn that down??
-Mr. Del Taco

Clown said...

I agree. It's a lot of money, but on the other hand I think Braun is a lifer because he's not all about the cash. He developed other revenue streams and has invested his money well. Fielder has blown his wad on twinkies and Yeah You know's along with his father who spent his bonus money on crack and hookers. You can just tell it's a different mentality for Fielder than someone like Braun.

This is why baseball needs a hard salary cap. Small market teams will continue to get fucked especially in this economy. The Brewers were lucky to have the attendance they did this year as other teams were way down. How are teams with even less money now suppose to compete with the Yankees? Until the playing field is leveled teams like the Brewers will always lose their top stars.

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