Monday, October 5, 2009

Home Repair

A crappy day yesterday at the Clown abode working on the house only allowed me time to watch the Brewer game in bits and pieces. (It did however allow for plenty of time to argue with my girlfriend, all day long) I was installing some new quarter rounds and base boards. I don't have a finishing nail gun, so I had to rent one from the Depot of Home. I've used the same nailgun several times before and never had any issues, but never for this length of time. For whatever reason I started feeling totally sick. The gun runs on a propane gas cartridge and after reading the package found it creates carbon monoxide exhaust. I was feeling really goofy, weak and had some chest pains. My girlfriend did not believe I was sick and accused me of not wanting to work because the last Brewer game of the season was on. I ended up finishing the project and after getting some fresh air I felt much better. This morning I did a little more digging on carbon monoxide poisoning and found the following symptoms which I then emailed to my girlfriend:

headache, dizziness, weakness, nausea, vomiting, chest pain, and confusion

She responded with this:

"What are the symptoms of not wanting to work on home projects to watch baseball?
Confusion, lack of energy & enthusiasm, hostility, anger, excessive complaining, faking headache, faking dizziness, faking loss of consciousness, faking chest tightness, faking airway constriction. Did you know you can die from not watching baseball? It’s true. Over 1 million people just like you have dropped dead from being held back from laying on the couch in their basement & watching baseball without even experiencing doing real work on their home projects."

Maybe it was a combination of both...


Anonymous said...

I would blame your sickness on a lack of pears in your diet. Seriously, they may taste like sand, but have lots of nutrients in them. Or your sickness is based on your longing for Bill Hall to return to the Brew Crew.

-Mr. Del Taco

Clown said...

I think it's most likely caused by lack of Turnbow in my life.

Anonymous said...

I'd say it is time to put that chick on waivers. Seriously, if she is only your girlfriend, you want to get out now because if she's nagging at you this bad now, it'll only get worse.

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