Sunday, October 11, 2009

Throw Back, Blow Back

Watching the Patriots vs. Bronco's game this weekend really got me thinking how out of hand the whole throw back idea has gotten. Most of these uniforms are God aweful. For instance, the Broncos 1960's uniforms they wore on Sunday:

To me this looks like someone took a shit and then pissed on the turd. For the most part there were good reasons to retire uniforms from this era. Those reasons are:

1. They were ugly
2. Shag Carpeting was all the rage
3. People did a lot of drugs

If the Bronco's want to wear a throw back Jersey why not this one?:

This helmet is awesome! It looks like a deranged retarded horse that wants to stomp your children at the petting zoo. Why is it seeing stars? It's probably the LSD kicking in. I can't imagine why this horse got put down...

Even the ref's are getting in on the act:

The Goodwill called. They're missing clothes from their fall hobo collection. Perhaps the mental acid addicted horse helped dress you?

If they are going to torture my eyes with the throw back jerseys they should at least play with the old school rules. Leather helmets, front end zone goal posts, legal face masks and a real pigskin.


Clown said...

The more I think about it this horse looks exactly like the one from the Disney Sleepy Hollow cartoon.

Anonymous said...

They need to bring back the horse. I need to find a t-shirt with that on it. It looks drunk, or it possibly spent a night at that awesome AmericanInn place. That place was clean.

-Mr. Del Taco

Clown said...

Hahaha oh my God was that place shitty. That was the place that didn't have a button to turn off the TV so you had to unplug it.

Classy. That's what happens when 3 people pay $20 for a room.

I believe that was also the night you named off sports teams and the name of their stadium for 2 hours.

Bob Cooper said...

Hey clown- perhaps you recall the time where we stayed at that shithole in Wausau...the place with the bug collection on the floor & the puke on the wall? I believe we watched Smokey & the Bandit & a giant spider came to spoon with you in the middle of the night. Good times.

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