Friday, October 9, 2009

Always Sunny

Classic episode last night - best of the season. A couple quick highlights for me (off the top of my head):

-Drinking wine out of 80's Diet Coke cans - excellent stealth move. You can gesture wildly and not spill a drop!
-Charlie asking Frank during the intervention "Why don't we play Nightcrawlers anymore?"
-The apparent nods to "Intervention" the TV show: "Your drinking has effected me ANNOYINGLY in the following ways"

and of course

-Charlie salting The Snail


Garcia said...

I've never seen this show and have always wanted to... Is it worth spending time away from my wife to watch on Hulu?

Chorenzo said...

Hell yeah - funniest show on TV right now.

Might take a couple episodes to understand the characters (not that they are deep, but there are jokes they return to), but it's worth the effort.

Anonymous said...

That was a classic, maybe Top 5 ever. "We just slammed those Monster Energy drinks and dry humped......I think she gave me poison ivy."

If you haven't seen this before, just look up Nightman or Greenman on You Tube and watch some clips.

-Mr. Del Taco

Clown said...

In my opinion, this is funniest show ever on TV. It's well worth checking them out on Hulu. Season 3 was a masterpiece all the way through. This season is shaping up to be pretty good as well. I almost pissed myself laughing so hard last night.

It's not a good day at clown camp. I have a down server (I mean balloon animal) and a VPN tunnel (I mean big scissors) that is hosed. Probably no updates from me until later.

Chorenzo said...

I thought your wrote "clown server" at first and was wondering what that was supposed to be...

They have a preview for the Christmas DVD on Youtube - it looks OK - but the show is usually funnier than the previews show so I'm pretty hopeful.

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