Friday, October 2, 2009

On the bright side

It's been a tough year all around and sometimes hard to watch. I was really hoping for an end of the year rally to make it over .500, but that has now been crushed. Instead of focusing on the bad let's look at some of the bright spots for this year:

Prince Field - Had what most would consider a career year breaking the Brewers all time RBI and walk record in the process while belting 44 home runs thus far. I would say it's all but assured that Pujols will get the NL MVP, but Prince will get some votes. A very tough decision to come on what to do with Prince, but that's another post.

Ryan Braun - I will admit that I'm a bit biased on Braun being that I have a weird obsession with him that boardlines on a man crush... I love his stick. (what!? Wow) Once again I think Braun has shown why the franchise should be built around him. Back over .300 for this year with over 30 home runs, a .385 OBP and a possible 200 hit season. A few hiccups this year with his candor during interviews, but I can't fault the guy for being honest and in hindsite being 100% accurate about the pitching. I have a feeling Braun will finish his career in Milwaukee.
Todd Coffey - From the time he sprints out to the Ultimate Warrior music with his bologna tits flopping to when he stikes out the side, it's all good. Besides a slight rough patch a few weeks back he has been solid all year. He's been a work horse appearing in over 75 games and 80 innings. His nasty slider has struck out some of the best in the game this year. Drafted in the 41st round I would say he has achieved more than anyone expected.

Craig Counsell - People used to laugh at me when I would say he is the greatest baseball player to ever live, now everyone agrees... Ok, maybe not, but at least they are willing to admit that boys got some skills. He's tailed off a little bit towards the end of the season here, but he also isn't getting much playing time with Megeeneeheegeenee via for ROY. What would we have done this year with Hardy and Hall sucking and Weeks going down? We would have had to make a call to the Ham. (Ray Durham). As always he's been clutch in pressure situation, taking walks and running up the count. He was batting over .300 for a good part of the season while showing a little more pop. I do miss his high stepping batting stance, but I'll take the good at bats instead. Counsell was quite a bargain at only 1 mil this year. He is 40 now, but I'd love to see him back next year. He is for real my favorite player of all time.

David Riske - Just kidding.

Trevor Hoffman - I love Hells Bells. I've never heard Miller park as loud as the first time I was there for Trevor Time. (I wasn't there for the playoffs or the final game last year, I'm sure those were louder) He's worth every penny. I believe he has only 2 blown saves? He came in as the greatest closer ever and he has held that moniker up nicely. Sounds like he wants to finish his career in Milwaukee and we'd love to have him. Book it.

I know there are a lot more bright spots, but this is really only part of my end of season grades post I'm working on that will be up next week. That will be an in depth and comical look at all players.


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