Monday, October 5, 2009

Burning Man at Outback

I was at Outback Steak House on Friday night when a group of what were the dirtiest people I've seen in quite some time came into the bar area. There were I think 6 of them, each one further down the dirtyness scale. The one pictured below had dreadlocks down to his ass. I've never seen dreadlocks that long. I can only imagine how many lice are growing in your non-washable shit incrusted hair. He was also wearing a flannel that was so ratty it looked like he dug it up out of Kurt Cobain's grave. Not that you have to dress up for the Outback, but you should at least wash your ass out. Here's a news flash for you; You're 19 years old not 60 and thus NOT a Hippie only a dirty loser. I left a tip for the bartender and I'm pretty sure they stole it.

He was not to be outdone by the twat bag guy eating by himself and asking a million questions about a salad. It's a fucking salad guy, it has lettuce and shit. You have bigger problems if you're eating at a restaurant by yourself on a friday night than if the Ranch is peppercorn.

I need to either just stay home or get medicated.


Anonymous said...

I was reading an article in the Parents magazine that lice actually prefer clean hair to dirty hair. It's easier for them to hang on to. These two definitely have the Dirty Hippie disease that runs rampant on college campuses and local communes. I thought those people didn't eat meat??

-Mr. Del Taco

Clown said...

This is true. Usually those types are vegans. Maybe they had the blue cheese salad wedge? That bastard is like a meal.

Garcia said...

Why would you make fun of Jason Kendall's kids like that? They were just looking for a half eaten can of pinto beans!

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