Monday, October 26, 2009


Lucroy is beatin shit down in the AFL. I've been high on this kid for a while now. I still stand by my statement that he will be on the roster next year. I've never been on the Salome train. He just seems sqautty and injury prone.


Garcia said...

First things first...

I hope Lucroy makes it, of course... however, the success rate of people in the AFL is not great. Just look at some of the past players and tell me where they are today. The hope is turns out to be an exception, like in 2003 or 2004 when there were a bunch of guys who eventually an impact for an MLB team.


Why are the Brewers considering Mark Mulder? Is it because he's from St. Louis and that's part of the Brewers post-farm system? The post-farm system being that where pitchers go to Dave Duncan, learn how to pitch well in their prime, and then bomb for the Crew on the down slope of their career...


Why are the Cards bringing in Big Mac as their hitting coach? His career BA is the same as the BA of the current team! Who is he gonna help? Pujols? NO, Holliday? NO, Brendan Ryan? I guess, Rick Ankiel? Fat Chance! Maybe he's in there to show them the porper way to use steroids and then lie about it... I can't think of anything else... I think this is a bad move for the Cards, but what do I know...?

Garcia said...

*edit note*

"...the hope is HE turns out to be..."

I suck and writing.

Clown said...

I realize it's only the AFL and a small sampling size at that. I just have a feeling about Lucroy and I have since he came on board. I had a similar feeling about Braun and others early on. I'm not saying he's another Braun, but that I have a good track record with picking winners.

I think they are only looking at Mulder as a value arm. They won't give him much and it will be incentive laden. They can't possibly be expecting him to be a solid top of the rotation guy... I hope!

I didn't even hear about Mcgwire getting hired as the batting coach for the Cards. That's a terrible idea. I thought St. Louis had shunned him? Pretending Big Mac land was a Hamburger sign all along. I hope Mcgwire fucks with Pulols swing.

Anonymous said...

Too bad the Brewer pitching prospects look weak. They are going to need to put up 8 runs per game to have any chance next year.

-Mr. Del Taco

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