Friday, October 2, 2009


Take a look at this early season picture. Look at how many players were either dumped, traded, sent down or injured. We were doomed form the start.

Bill Hall - DFA'd

Chris Duffy - sent to AAA and left due to personal issues

Brad Nelson - DFA'd

Rickie Weeks - Whacked off too hard using a wrist weight and was on the DL all year

Seth McClung - On the DL for a good part of the season

Corey Hart - The air let out of his head. DL

J.J. Hardy - Went to AAA to hand out eye patches for a while


Anonymous said...

I believe I predicted 10 games under 500 at the beginning of the season. I'm looking pretty good on that call. Need pitching obviously, also hoping for a Gamel bobblehead with hair - like the Turnbow one.

-Mr. Del Taco

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