Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Site Updates

New Search Feature - You can now type in a key word(s) where it says 'Search Casa de Machado' and it will find all the posts pertaining to your search. It's setup to only search this site.

Best of Casa - I've added a section containing some of my favorite posts. I'll add to this as we go. If you're new to the Casa that's a good place to start or enjoy the archives when I'm too busy to post.

New Layout - I changed the logo and format a few weeks back. I think it looks more clean now and is easier to read. I'm still looking for the perfect template where I can have stuff on both sides of the post window, so it may change again in the near future. I removed the ads as it was messing stuff up and looked stupid. Let me know what you think of the changes.

Casa de Machado Domain - We'll be moving to our own domain within the next few weeks, so you won't have to type the .blogspot.com any more. I'll post when this is completed.

Brewers End of Season Grades post will be up by Thursday. It's lengthy.

A big thanks to everyone who stops by and reads this trash,



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