Thursday, October 22, 2009

Big Horn, little brains

So, I'm driving home from work last night and I notice a big truck coming up behind me. The truck proceeds to follow about an inch from my bumper for about 3 miles. This is a 2 lane road, with no one else around and I'm in what would be considered the slow lane, so he could have gone in the other lane at any time. (I was going about 10 miles over the speed limit as well). I finally got pissed off and moved into the other lane. As he drove by me I noticed it was the 'Big Horn' edition Dodge pick'em up truck. He didn't get far before being stopped by a red light, so I was right next to him. He started to rev his engine in the BIG HORN and inch forward. Apparently, he needed to prove how big of a man he was by racing my 4 cyliner RAV4. It was obvious that he was just messing with me because I was driving a "foreign" car.

Every backward hick asshole driving a pickup truck has to act like a bad ass. I'm not impressed by your fake Hemi truck that's geared to tow a boat. I've decided that if these fit I'm going to be installing them into my RAV4:

I'll show this prick a big horn next time. A fucking train horn.


Chorenzo said...

You didn't happen to catch if he had one of those giant pair of testicles hanging from his trailer hitch, did you? Those are like the best thing ever. I'm going to get them and hang them from the back of my Honda Accord then I'll be totally badass.

Clown said...

No, but I have seen those. I just saw a Ford Explorer with that. They were so totally bad ass in their Ford Exploder that they felt the need to have testicles hanging off the trailor hitch.

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