Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Escobar to retain rookie status for 2010

Alcides Escobar will be a rookie again in 2010 being that he was under the 130 cumulative at bats and 45 day roster limits. Escobar checked in with 125 AB and 19 days on the roster prior to the September call up period. This means he can win rookie of the year next season while he collects his first of many Gold Gloves.

Gamel has exactly 130 at bats after this season, so he will no longer be a rookie. I don't expect the Brewers to put solo achievements over team success, but the season was already long over when he took his last hack to get over ther rookie mark. What's the point in that? This is the cherry on top for how they mismanaged him all year.


Chorenzo said...

Not exactly a huge stretch, but I wouldn't be surprised to see Gamel traded in the off season.

Clown said...

Yeah I would agree. Either him or Megeeneeheegenee has to go. It would be a waste for either one to not be an everyday player.

Anonymous said...

Maybe trade Fielder to the Bo Sox for pitching, and figure out one of those guys to take over first. Brewers have too many issues, and Fielder will not be here after his contract is up. No way in hell he stays.
-Mr. Del Taco

Garcia said...

86 that idea Mr. Del Taco. Trade someone lesser than Prince to the Whitesox for either Gavin Floyd or John Danks. Both are solid and they already have Peavy and Burhle, however you spell his name, coming back. They can have Gamel, but they don't need him. They probably wouldn't mind Prince, but that would cost them both Floyd and Danks or Burhle and one of the younger guys. I think that is an option. I don't like the idea of Prince going, but managment does not seem keen on keeping him. His two year contract tells me that!

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