Monday, October 5, 2009

Few coaching changes for next season

Melvin has made the decision to retain the services of Macha, Randolph, Sveum, Brad Fischer and Ed Sedar. Randolph will probably be looking for a manager gig in the offseason, so I wouldn't be surprised if he bolts. In that case I would assume Sveum would be moved back up to bench coach. My concerns over Macha returning have been voiced in the past and are mainly due to player morale and interactions as well as management of pitching staff and not using the speed on the team to manufacture runs.

Brad Fischer is probably the worst 3rd base coach I have ever seen. I can remember no less than 5 games that he was directly responsible for us losing. I like Ed Sedar and it's obvious he has a good rapport with players, so I'm glad he's coming back. I think he's probably a lifer.

The other question that has not been answered is pitching and bullpen coach. Melvin was cryptic when discussing Bosio saying on one hand he has not made a decision and then stating he is already in the process of finding a replacement. I think Bosio has done a fine job in a tough situation. I feel he has earned the right to return in the same capacity. I have a feeling that Stan Kyles is out and Bosio will be brought back as the bullpen coach. I don't think Kyles has done anything to justify the axe, but it's one of those positions that it's difficult to prove your worth. People are expecting change and I think he will be a token choice.

Braun had a few things to say about the Club:

"We've been competitive, but ultimately our goal is to be more than competitive," said Braun, who came under fire from Melvin in early July for saying the Brewers needed to improve their pitching.

"It's going to be an interesting off-season. It could be a completely different look next year. The reality in a small market is there's a small window for us to win. We're not the Yankees or the Red Sox where you can have a $200 million payroll. That's why you have to go for it every chance you get. Every opportunity you have, you go for it. You go all in. That's my opinion. The goal shouldn't be to be competitive. The goal should be to win a World Series."

He should have prefaced that whole thing with "Obviously"

I don't think the team ever gave up, but it didn't seem like they had a fire lit under them since the All Star break. Even if you are the worst team in baseball you need to at least try to put a quality product on the field especially at home. Lot's of mental errors and what I would call lack of effort by certain players. If you want to improve next year the only thing that is going to get you there is money. You're only going to have the money by putting asses in the seats. Hitting the 3 million mark for attendance this year was obviously a bi-product of their playoff run last season. It's all but guaranteed that attendance will drop drastically next year unless they do some serious retooling in the offseason and come out swinging (or throwing) next April.


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