Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Super crazy ultimate mega amazing Packers blitzkrieg update

For all the hype it turned out to be a pretty good game. I really thought I was done supporting Favre, but when he took the field I found myself rooting for him. If I were still a total Packer fan watching at home I would have been pissed off about the Favre love fest the whole broadcast. It went just short of the announcers getting on their knees to service Brett. All the montages and video snippets were just a tad overboard.

The game itself turned out almost exactly like I figured it would minus the failed comeback at the end. Every time I see A-Hole play I hate him more. He makes these shitty crybaby bitch faces whenever things don't go his way. He was taken to school the whole first half. The second half he had some good passes, but they were more the play after the catch than the actual throw.

Seemed like a breakout game for Jordy Nelson with several catches including a touchdown and a nice kick return. I've always liked him. He just seems like a no non-sense hard working guy that gives it all every game. He reminds me of Bill Schroeder without the attitude and nose tape.

I think Woodson should go down and register as a sex offender after raping players all night. Woodson has always been a physical player, but that was like a Night at the Roxbury dry humping.
Al Harris looked totally lost as usual. I don't understand why people like him so much, he gets burned more than pompei. Even the broadcasters were making comments about how lost he looked. For all the shit talking Barnett and others on the defense were doing they did nothing. Favre could have ordered a pizza and fucked your mom by the time they broke through the line.

Is it me or do the Vikings have some of the ugliest fans ever? I thought I was watching an opera with all the fat dudes with face paint and horns. There was one in particular that actually startled me so much I jumped in my chair and almost spilled my drink. If you are running 350 and look like private Pile probably not the best idea to paint your face.

What was with the cheesehead viking hats? I think you're a bit confused. Bart Farve is not from Wisconsin you tools. If you are supporting his state you should be wearing a john deer hat, while banging your cousin and forgetting how to read.


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