Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday Rant

I know I have a lot of car / truck features on here, but I have to bitch about something else. First off take a look at this picture. Can you see what I'm about to go off on?

What the fuck is with people that put the stickers all over their license plates? I've been seeing this more and more lately. The person above not only put the stickers all over, but somehow has two 2009 stickers. Was the first one stolen and you finally got a legit one? (suspiciously, my 2009 sticker was stolen in this same area) This particular car was in the ghetto where I work. I think the license plate is suppose to say "Moola" or "Moolah" but this person didn't know how to spell it. Nothing spells Moolah like a ghetto fucking intrepid.

I digress... I have a theory that anyone putting the stickers all over has to be in one of these camps:

1. You are illiterate even with pictures and not able to read the instructions on the back of the sticker pack that clearly states where to place the sticker.

2. You are trying to "Stick it to" the man. The man has forced you to pay to register your vehicle and you feel this is unjust so you place the stickers improperly on purpose to get back at johnny law.

3. You are gay and trying to make a rainbow on your license plate. (not that there is anything wrong with that)

4. You like sudoku way too much.

5. You are afraid that the new sticker will not stick over the old one. You also don't realize that the glue on the back is so sticky it could hold a turd to silicone.

6. You think it's funny. You also drool a lot, breath through your mouth and have Nascar stickers or flames on your minivan.

Being that most people have the month sticker in the proper spot I think the majority of people fall under #5. Maybe there are other reasons? If you are someone who puts the stickers all over I would LOVE to hear your reasoning.

For future reference these are the clear and concise directions for applying your new registration stickers. These are on the back of every sticker pack. Not rocket science is it? No, I don't work for the DOT I just hate stupid people.


Lance's Other Nut said...

When I was at Marquette these damn stickers were stolen off my car almost monthly. The best was when I went to fill up the tank and some crackhead was trying to sell me my sticker back.

I know it was mine because it was still attached to my crimped off license plate.

He wanted $5 for it. Enterprising, those crackheads are.

Clown said...

Prior to my work building a full length concertina wire fence to keep out the ghetto folk, my full license plate was stolen from my car. You could see the footprint where they braced themselves on the bumber to rip it off. Awesome...

This weekend I saw someone with a March 2011 sticker. How the fuck is that possible it's not even 2010 yet. I took a picture, I should post that.

Lance's Other Nut said...

Ahh, my roommate had that happen to him too, only, they took the front plate as well.


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