Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Hobo, unplugged

Yet another reason I love Jason "The Hobo" Kendall. From JSOnline:

“I just told him to go to first base or go to the pitcher,” Kendall said. “It’s baseball. There’s no need to sit there and talk and this and that.”
Both benches and bullpens quickly cleared but not much more than some screaming and shoving took place and nobody was ejected. Kendall got into a shouting match with Pirates pitching coach Joe Kerrigan, who Kendall repeatedly called by the wrong name after the game despite being told of his real name.
“I was OK until Dave Kerwin started yelling at me,” said Kendall, who ignored the correction. “I’m not going to get yelled at. He started yelling at me and … I’m OK until someone starts yelling at me.
“I don’t know why (he was yelling). Dave Kerwin? I don’t know why.”

Kinda busy at work this morning. More updates this afternoon.


Chorenzo Chorizno said...

My favorite part is he seemingly pulled the name Dave Kerwin completely out of his ass. If you Google it, half of the hits on the first couple pages are references to the same story, or people asking who the hell Dave Kerwin is. Love that hobo.

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