Thursday, July 30, 2009

Rock Bottom?

I think this team needed to hit rock bottom before going on a tear. Was losing to the Nationals twice the bottom? Last nights game I think defined what we all thought this team would be from the beginning. Shitty pitching picked up by a strong offense.

It was pretty awesome for Megeeneeheegenee to jack the bomb after his kid with Cerebral Palsy threw out the first pitch. He really needs to see more playing time. Rookie of the year?

I see Corey Hart is back to the Abe Lincoln look. I heard 'Our American Cousin' is playing down at the PAC. He should totally check that out!

I think we've seen the true Parra at this point. I don't think he's a diamond in the rough. I think he's kinda like a cow turd. He has some good uses like making manure, but even then he still smells like shit.

Looked to me like the pitch that Braun was barking about was a strike. I've never seen Braun get run, but I think he was close that time. I'm actually kinda looking forward to seeing that some day. It should be good times. I can see him flailing his arms around like coco the monkey.

Day game today. Usually that spells disaster, but I'm going to say that we've turned a corner now. 62 games to go.


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