Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Brutal II - The Sequel


At least it appears Braun is out of his month long slump.

Villanueva pitched for shit. That was really surprising. Who would have thunk? Oh yeah, EVERYONE except Macha.

Suppan is hurt again at the end of July. I'm beginning to think he has a vacation clause in his contract. Normally Suppan going down would be a good thing, but now who the fuck is going to pitch for him? With the current pitching situation we will be lucky to be a .500 team.


Nubs said...

This is getting tough to watch. Not sure what Macha can do but something has to get this team fired up again. and I don't think we need to trade the future to do it. I think we need the Cardinals to come to town and get into a good ol'fashion bean ball, fight, manager ejections throw down.

Clown said...

I agree. There needs to be some kind of event to light a fire under everyone. It used to be Braun saying something about how bad the other players were, but I think Melvin put the kibosh on that. We need a good brawl.

Garcia said...

Maybe the next time Brad Fischer tells a pitcher to tag from third on a shallow flyball, the pitcher on third should listen but upon being gunned out at home by 15 steps, he should immediately turn around, make a B Line to the coahes box and pummel Fischer... either that or have Chuck Nueva pitch batting practice before a game one day and intentionally throw at the head of Prince

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