Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Before I get into the train wreck of a game I have a few comments about the broadcast.

Was it really necessary to point out Marquis Grissom as the first base coach of the Nationals? I was under the impression that I would never have to see him again. I was happy with that. Maybe I'll start a new regular post of ex-Brewers that went on to do menial tasks. Who gives a shit.

This new batting stance guy thing is tarded. I don't care what player you are pretending to be nor will I be watching the terrible post game show to find out. I'd rather have a paper cut on my dick hole.

I'd like to meet the rocket scientist that decided to have the broadcast from the Harley Deck. I'm guessing this person drools a lot and possibly is not capable of rational thought. Why not just put them in the Dew Deck? How about in the parking lot? They couldn't even see if a ball was a home run. It wrecked the entire broadcast dynamic.

How many times do we need to see the AT&T Game Reset? Get's a little annoying especially when you are losing by 200 runs.

Ok, now for the game. The Brewers have a knack for making terrible teams look awesome. The nationals looked like a world champion. We could have used Claudio Vargas last night to get out of the bases loaded jams.

You should never be caught out at home twice in a game. That killed 2 rallies. Maybe it's time for Brad Fischer to take a permanent vacation. That's not the first time this year he's made bad calls at 3rd. He should know that Lopez is not running well. Why the fuck are you sending him home when he already stopped?

I'm getting angry even talking about this so I'm done. About the only thing I liked about this game was RJ. Swindles Bugs Bunny curveball; however, I think that having 2 pitchers with the same look in Stetter and Swindle will take away the effectiveness.

That's it. That game was pure shit.


AP said...

Just thought I'd mention, I laughed after every paragraph....tht pretty much sums it up.

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