Friday, July 17, 2009

Brewers WIN! Clown is pissed?

Clown was a bit busy last night running around. I had the game on the radio, but do to several stops and inter-car conversations I lost track of the action. I arrived at my final stop and listened for the score. Ueck announced that the Reds had tacked one on and it was now Reds 8 - Brewers 3. The following transpired:

Clown "Fuck."
Radio "Click"

I wake up this morning to find the Brewers with a 9-6 win. Clearly, Uecker and I were incommunicado.

I love Ueck, but I think he's lost a step this year.


D'Amico's one good year said...

I have to say... The ballpark in Cinnci is nice enough that i'm considering breaking my Ohio embargo.

Don't Panic We Have Leskanic said...

As long as Ueck doesn't stick around as long as Pat Summerall did we should be okay. That guy retired about 10 years too late.

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