Friday, July 31, 2009

Welcome back Vargas

The Brewers acquired Claudio Vargas from the Dodgers for eternal minor leaguer Vinny Rottino.

Kinda funny that I just mentioned him in a previous post. Maybe Melvin is a fan of Casa De Machado? (he probably wants to run over Hart too)

I like this move mainly because we get a seasoned guy for nothing. Rottino is a home grown guy, but was eternally blocked. I don't think he ever would have made it to the show. Maybe he'll get a shot with the Dodgers. Rottino always seemed like a good hard working guy. I wish him well wherever he ends up.

Sounds like Vargas was out most of the season with an injury, but since his return he's been throwing the ball well. I can't wait to see the houdini of bases loaded go to work.


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