Friday, July 24, 2009

Save the Wave... Or something

The Milwaukee Wave are for sale and the XSL is taking a year hiatus. The Wave has launched it's 'Save the Wave' compaign where they are asking for season ticket pledges for next year. Apparently, some other indoor league is interested in bringing them on.

it really is too bad that they are having this type of trouble. They are probably the best indoor soccer team ever and continue to play at a championship level every year. Keith Tozer puts an amazing product on the field every year.

Unfortunately, no one gives 2 shits about soccer. I think I was at a Wave game once when I was like 12? If they do end up playing next year I may actually go to a game. At least I'll be able to see a team in Milwaukee that has a legit shot at winning it all. Any sport that has constant violent melee's can't be all bad? Right?


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