Friday, July 24, 2009

Weathering the fair weather

How much pressure are Melvin and Attanasio under to make a big trade before the deadline? How long will it take the fans that jumped on the bandwagon after the C.C. trade last year to jumped back off if a major deal isn't made? How long before 32,000 fans on a Tuesday night turns back into 17,000?

How many of the newely acquired female fans are there to see JJ. hottie and would be devistated if we traded Hardy? Would they stop coming all together? Would they get laser removal for their I heart JJ tramp stamp?

It's difficult to field a playoff caliber team every year and there really isn't any affordable talent on the market. Also, JJ. will most likely be gone in the offseason.

I think we'll have these answers soon. As much as it's gotten rather annoying to not be able to get a last minute ticket to a Friday through Sunday game we need the fair weather fans. I hope the fad continues.


cobra said...

UPDATE: JJ lives with ish boyfriend not girlfriend. His boyfriend is the one that came up with the JJ makes me HARDY t shirts.

Clown said...

it is quite possible that I misheard the information in regards to his girlfriend. From the way he is swinging the bat this year he does appear to be a sally.

cobra said...

Wasn't his entrance music "Mustang Sally" in 07-08?

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