Sunday, July 19, 2009

Brewers acquire Felipe Lopez

Cole Gillespie and right-handed pitcher Roque Mercedes (who the fuck is that?) to AZ for Felipe Lopez. It's pretty sad to have to make this deal when you have the 24 million dollar man Bill (clap,clap) Hall sitting on the bench.

Obviously, Gamel is being sent back down. Probably long overdue on that. Gamel looks lost against big league righties. I can't watch him stand there and take the inside corner strike 3 any more. I think he needs time to get his confidence back raking against AAA pitching.

I really hope with Lopez coming on board that we start to run a bit. Macha needs to get out of the American League mindset.


Don't Panic We have Lescanic said...

I agree that Gamel needs more consistent at-bats, but it makes my stomach turn knowing that we'll be seeing more Bill Hall in the near future. I just vomitted in my mouth a little bit.

Clown said...

I would hope that Megeheeneeheegee would get the majority of the starts at 3rd now. Although, his knee is a question.

I'm sure there is a T-Ball team somewhere that could use Halls bat...

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