Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Wedding Story

Went to a wedding Saturday, which normally would be fun if I was able to drink anything. I was still hung over as fuck from the Bucks game and ensuing drinkorama-booze fest Friday night.

The wedding was Star Wars themed. Yes, I'm totally serious. Everyone got a name tag with a different character or item. I was Darth Vader and sat at the Alderaan table. When asked what some of the characters were the bride had no idea. This, in and of itself is humorous, but it's nothing compared to the brief interaction I had with the food server in the buffet line:

Server woman - "Chicken, turkey or roast beef?"

Clown - "Roast beef"

Clown - "Is this au Jus sauce?"

Server woman with really shitty tone "It's beef gravy"

Clown angry from not drinking at a God damn gay Star Wars themed Wedding - "It's called Au Jus Bitch!"

The End.


Chorenzo said...

I think I'm going to have an "It's Always Sunny" themed wedding.

The entrees will be milk steaks (boiled hard) with a side of jelly beans (raw). There will be plenty of riot punch, and Diet Coke cans so you can drink wine and not be afraid to gesture wildly without spilling all over the place.

Clown said...

hahahahaha that is an amazing idea!

You'll also need a door marked Pirate.

Chorenzo said...

Yeah, definitely, I'll make sure I'll dress in my leather duster (without a shirt, so I look like Lorenzo Lamas on "Renegade") so I can bust the door down when it's inevitably locked.

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