Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lucroy in the mix

Melvin is giving serious consideration to Jonathan Lucroy catching next year. I called this months ago. Long before he was doing so well in the AFL.

“I know it’s a big jump from Double-A to the big leagues but a lot of catchers have done it,” said Melvin. “Russell Martin did it with the Dodgers, Chris Snyder in Arizona, Kurt Suzuki with Oakland"


Garcia said...

That would be nice to have a young catcher... I've never known what that feels like. Getting rid of Kendall would take about 95 years out of our average age per player...

What does anyone think about Edwin Jackson? I see Detroit is trying to shop him around knowing they will not be able to afford both he and Verlander and the other $100 mil in payroll they have committed to. I was thinking maybe McGehee for Jackson or Gamel and player-to-be-named for Jackson, just some thoughts... I wouldn't mind him!

We could throw in Corey "I" Hart "Dick" for free, too!

Clown said...

I don't know a whole lot about him. I really seem to have tunnel vision on the NL lately. I gotta get out of that mode. I'm for trading McGehee, but not Gamel unless it's for some high end pitching.

I think Hart is already set to be traded for a stale turd.

Anonymous said...

Dump Hart to the Rays for Pat Burrell? I know he was a disappointment last season, but we will have some salary flex room with Cameron likely gone.

We will someone in the organization to pick up the slack and improve our bean situation if they don't resign Kendall. Does anyone else on the roster have a scruffy dog either??

-Mr. Del Taco

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