Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Not Rook-Hee of the year

Casey McGehee finished 5th in the NL rookie of the year voting behind Coghlan, Happ and Hanson. Coghlan was very deserving, but as far as Happ and Hanson I don't think pitchers should even be in the mix. You can't compare what an every day player brings to a team and someone who plays every 5 days. There should be a separate award for rookie pitchers.

Colby Rasmus only got 1 vote and Andrew McCutchen got 7. So, they stuck by the numbers there, but not for McGehee? There is just way to much arbitrary bullshit in baseball especially with awards. Either make it by the numbers or don't. I wasn't realistically expecting McGehee to win, but I think he got raped placing behind McCutchen.

Does it really matter where you place if it isn't first? Yes, because I get angry about stupid shit.


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