Monday, November 9, 2009

Packers... Terrible

What kind of guy stands like this?

Congrats to the Packers for losing to the worst team in the NFL. This is even worse than I had anticipated before the season started. I think a high school defensive line could sack Rodgers at a least a few times in a game. I don't even know who our current offensive line coach is, (because I don't give a shit) but he should already be fired. There is at least some talent on the line, so there is no excuse for getting owned this much.

Mr. Potato Mike Mccarthy and Ted Clearly-Gay Thompson have succeeded in taking a playoff dynasty and turning them into garbage that even Bob Cooper wouldn't dig in.

I'm still waiting for Thompson supporters to admit that he didn't give a shit what this team was comprised of as long as it had nothing to do with Ron Wolf. This was going to be Teddy's team regardless of how bad they are.

I am willing to admit now that Favre is a douchebag, so why can't other people admit that what he brought to the Packers was far more than just his arm. 2 years without Favre and 2 years of sucking ass. How many back to back years did we suck when Favre was on the team? We were too busy being in the fuckin playoffs every damn year.


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