Monday, November 2, 2009

Super crazy ultimate mega amazing Packers MORNING blitzkrieg update

So, I get up this morning and I'm already pissed off about the time change. It's fucking stupid to have it light out at 6am and dark at 4pm. Why would anyone rather have their extra hour of light utilized while driving to their shitty ass job? I hereby boycott this time change. I will be getting everywhere one hour later.

Then, I turn on the TV like any morning and what do I find? They are doing the extra super duper Packers coverage in the morning now. People didn't get their fill from the extra 12 hours of coverage yesterday? I only want to hear 3 things on the news in the morning:

1. Did World War 3 start?

2. Weather

3. Traffic

(Preferably in that order)

I most certainly do not need to hear recipes from LeRoy Butler. He must need money or something? His gig on the 2nd worst sports show ever on WSSP must not be paying well. WSSP Having jar head fucktard football players commenting on baseball... great radio.


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