Friday, November 20, 2009

Top 10 Prospects

Update: BA is Baseball America, not Brian Anderson. Also, I am officially a retard.

Baseball America has released the Brewers top 10 prospects. I didn't know this, but Tom Haudricourt posted that he and Brian Anderson currently put together the Brewers list. That being said I'm very surprised that two people so close to the organization would place Brett Lawrie as the #2. To me a prospect list should have at least something to do with the Major League need in the organization for their position. If a player is eternally blocked than what is his actual prospect value to the MLB team? If you're adding up what the prospects value is on the market it should be a different equation.

Three of these players were drafted this year.

1. SS Alcides Escobar
2. 2B Brett Lawrie
3. 3B Mat Gamel
4. RHP Eric Arnett '09
5. C Jonathan Lucroy
6. OF Kentrail Davis '09
7. LHP Zach Braddock
8. OF Lorenzo Cain
9. RHP Jake Odorizzi
10. RHP Kyle Heckathorn '09

To me, Lawrie hasn't shown nearly enough to even be in the top 10. His line this year between A and AA ball was:

.274 .340 .436 776

If that's our #2 prospect then we got fucking problems.

angel Salome is nowhere to be found, which is not surprising. Cain is lucky we have a lack of outfield prospects or he would be off the list as well.


Garcia said...

Did you see that Corey Hart was involved in a trade rumor with the Braves? Surprisingly, the Braves don't want him...that's funny cause niether do the Brewers!

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