Friday, November 6, 2009

JJ. Hardy for Carlos Gomez

Mixed feelings all over this one. It's no surprise that he got dealt, but I think this was quicker than anyone anticipated. I was hoping if he were traded it would be in a bundle for some pitching, but they chose to address the outfield hole first. As far as their numbers they were very similar last year as both experienced what amounted to season long slumps.

Gomez can fly, but we'll be giving up some power in Cameron and Hardy as both are potential 25 HR guys. The problem is Macha never gives the green light to run. If we're going to have Braun, Gomez, Escobar and Dick Reeks we better damn well start stealing some bases.

Melvin seems to have a massive hard-on for Gerut. I'm guessing Hart will be traded and Gerut will take over in Right. I think they were a bit surprised when Jason Bourgeios was picked up off waivers by Houston. Not like he was going to be a full time outfielder, but a viable backup. Lorenzo Cain's injury earlier this year was also a big blow to the future outfield.

Anyway... I still think JJ kind of got the shaft with being kept in AAA just enough time to take away a year of service. I don't believe for a second that Dougy Pornstache Extraordinaire Melvin didn't know the timing. If he really wasn't aware of JJ's situation then he shouldn't be a GM.

I want to thank JJ for his years of service here in Milwaukee. He always seemed like a good guy that played hard every day. I'm sure there will be plenty of young slutty girls for you to pork and eye patch in Minnesota. Look at the bright side, if you're there a few years you're pretty much guaranteed some playoff action.
PS. Thanks for the card above that you randomly grabbed at your condo to sign


Chorenzo said...

Hope the young ladies of Minnesota have their eye patches ready!

Garcia said...

Maybe you all disagree, but why did Melvin say that Dick Reeks will STILL be the leadoff hitter? Gomez is twice as fast. Maybe there will competition in the spring but I think Gomez will claim the leadoff spot in no time... Reeks might better suited in the 5 or 6 spot!

Garcia said...

1. Gomez 2. Escobar 3. Braun 4. Fielder 5. McGehee (if he's not traded) 6. Reeks 7. Hart (I hope he's traded) 8. Busch's Baked Beans 9. An ex-St. Louis Cardinal third rate pitcher

Clown said...

Lol, baked beans in the 9 hole would be awesome!

I didn't hear Pornstache's comment about leadoff. Probably because he is still drinking the Reeks Kool-aid. If Dick Reeks is still on the team next year he should be batting way the hell down in the order because it's guaranteed that he will be back to his old self.

I'm not buying into the whole Reeks breakout. He was already starting to suck this year before he got hurt.

Anonymous said...

Great for two months of the year and totaly worthless the rest of the season. No loss.
Looks like Braun will be picking up the Hardy castoff female fans next season.

-Mr. Del Taco

Chorenzo said...

Speaking of Bruan, did anyone notice that the dude that Fedor fought on Saturday and his crew were all wearing the Ryan Braun "Remetee" shirts? Hopefully RB has better luck sponsoring his restaurant in FIB-land Lake Geneva.

Clown said...

Crap. I totally forgot about that fight.

Lance's Other Nut said...

I thought Fedor would be bleeding baby fetuses, not actual blood.

Chorenzo said...

Haha no shit - or at the very least, hydraulic fluid.

Him vs. Brock is the big money match - too bad it will probably never happen.

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