Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Winter Meetings

The winter meetings are upon us and Pornstache has been hard at work trying to land Wolf. It sounds like it could be a done deal today anywhere from 27 to 31 million. I like the Brewers aggressiveness on this. They ponied up right away and basically shutout other teams that may have been interested in bidding. The roughly 10 million a year salary is already made up by dumping America's most average baseball player, Mike Cameron. It's always risky to spend that much on a pitcher even if they don't get hurt (see cold Soup), but it's a risk you have to take to compete. I will go on record as saying I have a good feeling about Wolf.

Melvin is suppose to meet with Barry Meister, Craig Counsell's agent before the meetings are through. Haudricourt had originally reported that Counsell was seeking a 2 year contract, but has since reported that was incorrect and a mutually beneficial one year deal should get it done. We'll need Counsell to fill in when Dick Reeks breaks his 3rd wrist... Trust me, he'll find a 3rd one to break.

Apparently, there were talks of a Corey Hart for John Maine deal. Good. Take your attitude to NY. You'll be wearing your sunglasses all fucking day after someone beats you with a bag of wrenches prick.


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