Friday, December 4, 2009

I'm throwing in the towel for 2010

I'm already very disappointed with the moves this off season and it's barely gotten started. Not re-signing Looper will bite us in the ass. How much pitching does Pornstache really think he's going to pick up?! Other teams need pitching too asshole and many of them have more money.

Now it would appear that the hobo is officially out. The Brewers have signed Gregg Zaun for the #1 catching duties next season. Exactly what are we gaining here besides cutting payroll? Nothing. Zaun blows. I can only hope that Lucroy busts out of spring and steals the starting job at some point.

I think are chances in 2010 are slim to none. I will still watch every game as always, but I think this is going to be brutal AGAIN. Unless Melvin can pull something magical out of his ass besides his head, it's fucking done.


Garcia said...

I believe I reported earlier that the Brewers got a bunch younger by getting rid of kendall... they have actually gotten older with the signing of Zaun. Was Dave Nilsson not available? He's only a year and a half older than Zaun...!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I used to enjoy coming here and reading your thoughts. Signing Zaun was a good move for the Brewers, he's going to cost half as much as Kendall, and be twice as willing to work with a younger catcher. From all accounts Zaun spent a lot of time with Wieters down in Baltimore making sure that he was comfortable as he was breaking in.
Also the Brewers could still re-sign Looper for a cheaper amount than we would have been paying him off of his original contract. I personally hope that we don't bring him back though as their are other pitchers at roughly the same priceline that offer a lot more.


Clown said...

I'm sorry if you no longer enjoy reading my thoughts. I wouldn't put to much stock in anything I have to say because half the time I just say shit to vent frustration.

I think I was just in a bad mood when I wrote this post. I'm not really throwing in the towel and in actuality I don't know that much about Zaun as I don't follow the American League as much. I was going by the numbers.

Although, now that I've seen a picture of him he looks like one angry mother fucker, so I'll give him a shot.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry Clown, I wouldn't put much stock in my opening line either. I had just woke up and was going through my Brewers links. I guess I was just frustrated reading so much negativity about the Brewers so early in my day. If his picture got you excited, check out his website
Yes by the way, it was great to sleep in til almost noon on a Monday.


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