Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Good Bye America's most average baseball player

I don't understand peoples hard on with Cameron. I don't give a shit what some gay-ass metrics have to say, he is the most overpaid player possibly in the history of baseball. Look around at other players making 10 million a year... I bet they aren't taking "bad routes" to balls that cost a team a playoff game. It wasn't just that one either, that one obviously just stands out.

I especially enjoyed your transformation into Rob Deer to finish the season this year. It looked something like this: K, K, K, K, K, K, K, K, K, K, K, HR, K, K, K, K, K, K, K, HR

You may have been a good guy in the clubhouse, but that's not worth 10 million.

At least we won't be subjected to your giant super herpes cold sores anymore.

Fucking Worthless.


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