Monday, April 26, 2010

Never Again

I had the joy of going to what will surely be my last Cubs game at Miller Park on Saturday. I've said before that I would never go back, but after this weekend I'd rather have a living snake shoved up my ass.

First off, why are we messing with the rotation just before the Cubs series? We take our best pitchers and put them against the Pirates and put the bottom of the rotation against the Cubs?! Yes, Dempster vs. Suppan is a great matchup. Good thinking Macha! Actually, DD pitched pretty well. It's not his fault that we couldn't hit anything with RISP. Although, it wasn't very often there was anyone in that position anyway. I don't understand how you can score 46 runs in 4 games and then nothing. I know it was the Pirates and Nationals, but they are still major league pitchers.

If the Brewer players and front office wonder why there are so many Cubs fans vs. Brewers fans just take a look at this series for answers. You suck against the Cubs at home. If Brewers fans are going to put up with the asshole fans from Chicago then we at least want to see some wins to shut them up and make it tolerable.

Why do I say the Cubs fans are assholes?! Maybe because of shitbags like this... Walking out of the stadium with two of my friends to our car in about the 8th inning we came upon a single Cubs fan wandering around. As we passed him he said in my face "The Brewers fucking suck!". Should I have let this go to avoid confrontation? Probably, but I had already been subject to a shitty game and asshole fans inside. Myself, not being one to take bullshit from assholes I said back to him "Fuck you and the Cubs". At this point he got in my face and proclaimed "Let's go, I've been looking for a fight all day!". I don't recall how it escalated from there except at some point he took a swing which I partially blocked and it glanced off my face. I was a little stunned that this was even happening and didn't really feel like going to jail fighting some dirty fucktard, but before I knew it he had attempted to tackle me except he rammed me into a car. My friend grabbed him and tried to get him away from us and it was at this point he punch my friend and did the same stupid tackling maneuver. (why is it every dirtbag now thinks they are a UFC shootfighter?). Now, Clown was fucking angry. Just as he got my friend down with his pussy Shitcago ground fighting I took a running start and kicked him in the sternum so hard there is no way I didn't crack a rib. I went to my knees wrapped my arm around his neck and began to insert my thumb into his eye. I said something like "This is over now". He said in a choked out voice "truce". He got up and ran away holding his side.

I'm so glad that you drove all the way from Shitcago so that you could look for a fight all day.

Why do Cubs fans suck?!!!

Never again.


Rex Jaybels said...

I won't deny that there are plenty of asshole fans on the Cubs side, but let's not go so far as to think there aren't some following every team.

I am a Cubs fan who has lived in Milwaukee for 13 years, and I have encounters every time I go to Miller Park. This weekend I was there with my wife, who happens to be newly pregnant, and as we were walking to our cars two guys threw peanuts at me from there car and yelled, "Cubs Suck and so do you."

At which I point I kept walking with only a smile. The car followed us all the way to our car harassing us the whole way with slurs about me and my wife. Had she not been pregnant I would have ran up and knocked the guy out, but I didn't want anything to happen to her.

So before you go proclaiming all cubs fans are idiots, realize that we are not all that way. I have loved the Cubs since I was a child, and trust me, I hate that guy already as much as you do, but he doesn't represent an entire fan base, just as your fan base isn't represented by this one car load of jerks either.

The bottom line is this, "people are assholes." Some of them happen to go to baseball games. I'm glad to hear that this asshole got what was coming to him.

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