Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Cubs Comment

There was a good comment about my Cubs fan incident that I would like to post:

Rex Jaybels said...

I won't deny that there are plenty of asshole fans on the Cubs side, but let's not go so far as to think there aren't some following every team.

I am a Cubs fan who has lived in Milwaukee for 13 years, and I have encounters every time I go to Miller Park. This weekend I was there with my wife, who happens to be newly pregnant, and as we were walking to our cars two guys threw peanuts at me from there car and yelled, "Cubs Suck and so do you."

At which I point I kept walking with only a smile. The car followed us all the way to our car harassing us the whole way with slurs about me and my wife. Had she not been pregnant I would have ran up and knocked the guy out, but I didn't want anything to happen to her.

So before you go proclaiming all cubs fans are idiots, realize that we are not all that way. I have loved the Cubs since I was a child, and trust me, I hate that guy already as much as you do, but he doesn't represent an entire fan base, just as your fan base isn't represented by this one car load of jerks either.

The bottom line is this, "people are assholes." Some of them happen to go to baseball games. I'm glad to hear that this asshole got what was coming to him.

Here is my rambling response:

I would never condone any kind of violence towards Cubs fans at Miller Park especially directed at you and your pregnant wife. That's pussy bullshit and the bozo's that did that should be arrested along with the asshole that attacked me. I will be the first to admit that there are plenty of dirty people in this state as well. (See typical Packer fan who lives in Cudahy) The problem is that people from Milwaukee already hated people from Chicago long before the Brewers ever joined the NL and had this new Cubs "Rivalry". FIB is not an term of endearment.... Although, I've been to several Bears / Packers games at Lambeau and never saw any issues. Packers / Bears I would consider an actual Rivalry. The Cubs / Brewers I would just consider a fucking annoyance.

What angers me the most as a Brewers fan is it appears Chicago fans have an attitude of entitlement. I've heard the phrase "Wrigley Field North" far too many times. It's great that Cubs fans travel well, but this is still OUR PARK. This type of attitude is definitely not going to ingratiate you with Brewers fans. (Not that we have to like you, but we shouldn't hate you) I think any pleasantries between fans went out the window a while ago and it's only getting worse.

I guess I don't understand the hatred from Cubs fans because you can't spit without hitting a FIB in Lake Geneva, Door County, Minocqua, etc. If you hate our state and teams so much, why do you come up here?! Stay home if you hate it that much!

I'm not talking directly to you Rex.. Obviously, you live here now so that's a little different. We need to work on converting you!


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