Monday, April 12, 2010

Just a bit worried

The series against the Cards' was hard to watch at times. It's hard not to cringe when your future hall of fame closer implodes two games in a weekend and your All Star 3 and 4 can't get a hit to save their lives. Let's start with the negatives. (Mainly because I'm an asshole)...

Saturday's game was atrocious all around. I'm not sure what's going on with Gallardo, but he needs to figure it out right quick. I'd hate to blame this on Peterson, but I think his crazy curly mullet may be distracting our pitchers. I can't stare directly at his hair, it's like Medusa. Last time I looked directly at it I busted out Air Supply and watched Knight Rider. Nobody needs that! It's also a sad day when the only person that can get a hit is Corey Hart. I still find it very difficult to not hope that he fails because he's such a douche.

The pitch Stavinoha crushed off Hoffman Friday night was a good one. I give Stavinoha all the credit for going that far outside and tagging it that hard. Then we move to last night... I'm not sure what the fuck Hoffman is thinking trying to pump 85 MPH "fastballs" past Pujols and Holliday. Did he forget how to throw his changeup?! Here's a newsflash Hoff, without that pitch you blow. The game ended too late to stay up and watch interviews after, so I didn't hear if there was an explanation for the pitch selection. I have to admit that I'm just a bit worried about Hoffman closing this season. He was terrible all spring and really hasn't found his groove. I know it's early and he's only blown a couple games, but at this point Hells Bells is more like Tinker Bell.

As far as positives...

Weeks is continuing where he left off last season. Dare I say bust out year?! He just seems to have a lot more confidence, is seeing the ball and crushing everything.

Fielder is really struggling. (how is this a positive?) Because he got really pissed off and was throwing shit around. I used to hate his outbursts, but it seems that when he's hard on himself he turns shit around. After he scared the shit out of Edmonds by tearing apart the dugout he got a hit.

There were questions going into this season about McGehee and whether last season was a fluke. If you look at his overall numbers from the minors they aren't anywhere near what he's been able to accomplish with the Brewers. McGehee has a message for all those that questioned his abilities... Fuck you! PS. Home run bitches! WHOOOOOOO!

What an awesome end to a shitty series. Should have been 2 out of 3, but at least we're back to .500. Now let's go into Chicago and beat a team with a mascot that is not indigenous to the region. When was the last time a bear cub strolled into Chicago? Right.


KL Snow said...

Not to be THAT guy, but Hoffman's blown saves weren't actually in back to back games...Saturday's game, which blew for a different reason, was in the middle.

Clown said...

You're right, lol. I think the late game messed me up. (that or the booze that went along with it.

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