Friday, February 26, 2010

Arctic Tailgate

Why would you sit for days in the cold waiting for opening day tickets when you could just buy a 9 pack and get it for free? These morons say they are die hard Brewers fans, but they won't spend $130 to get a 9 pack of games? Reading some of these stories you hear excuses like "I'm married and have kids, so I can't commit to that many games". Really? But you can commit to 4 days sleeping in a parking lot away from your family? The people that are doing this are in it for the party and that's it.

Looking at the pictures there seemed to be a lot of Packers gear as well, which I always love to see... You're such a huge fan, but yet you can't buy some Brewers shit?

With all the money you morons spent on food, wood, clothing, etc., you could have called Ticket King and bought an opening day ticket for the same amount without getting frostbite. My friends and I have started a new tradition. We go to one persons house, crack a beer at 8am and order tickets online as they go on sale at the same fucking time.



Chorenzo said...

These people are such diehard fans that they are buying tickets to an essentially meaningless game against the Rockies. They now can join the other "diehard" fans in getting completely blackout drunk and spending half the time roaming the concourse and not actually watching the game.

Garcia said...

Did anyone catch the poll poll question on JSonline?

"What does Chuckie do on 2-0?"
A) Takes
B) Hacks

This should be a sign that CH should return to business...

Clown said...

They should have the question:

what does Julio Machado do at the scene of a car accident?

A) Calmly figure out the situation
B) Cap a bitch

Lance's Other Nut said...

C)Run over Corey Hart

/that's what I want him to do

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