Monday, February 22, 2010

Junk Truck'n!

It's been a while, but it's time for another installment of Junk Truck'n! (you know you love it!)

Today's truck could be spotted at the Hwy 100 Hobo on Sunday. I don't think I've seen this much rust and dents on a vehicle since my 1979 Camaro. It's like someone took a golf iron covered in salt and bashed the shit out of every inch for 15 years. The tailgate is nicely held up by a piece of rope. That would make me feel real safe driving behind it will all this shit in the back:

My favorite is when Junk Trucks are hauling junk. A box fan, 2 milk crates, an office chair and a bunch of brake lines and other random twisted metal fill the bed of this champion of rust. I'm kinda disappointed that hobo's have not stolen the metal for recycling money. See what happens when Kendall leaves town?!


Chorenzo said...

That is a fine junk truck - I'll try to get you photos of that junk truck I mentioned earlier.

My current Google Ad is for "Mom Bloggers Wanted". Awesome.

Clown said...

They are probably specifically looking for YOUR mom!

Garcia said...

That junk truck is pulled in way too tight to that spot. If I was the truck facing him and I was pulling in, I would smash the hell out the junk truck and see it collapse (by smashing the hell out of, I mean gently nudging because that truck looks like that's about all it can take).

Clown said...

As I was pulling away I noticed the other side was even worse, if you can believe that. The box on the other side was sagging away from the cab and there were about twice as many dents. The pictures don't do this Junk Truck justice. It was simply amazing.

Mike Brown said...

Nice junk truck.

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