Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Don't boo Braun, you bozos

I've heard a lot people say how they will be booing Braun opening day.  I'm hoping these are just idiots going for the party aspect and not real fans.  Is this really the kind of baseball town we are or have become?  I know everyone is sour (which I put myself in that camp), but what exactly do you plan on achieving by booing a player on a team that you supposedly support?  Braun's already going to take one in the ribs, if not higher, probably the first pitch. Baseball tends to regulate itself.

I really, really, dislike Dick Reeks, but I have never once booed him. (At home throwing shit at my TV doesn't count)  Do you want to win games or act like a giant douche? These same people will be the first ones to leap out of their seats when Braun crushes a HR.

I understand the hatred for Braun, but it's time to win some games!

I'm excited for this season, how about you?


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