Thursday, May 3, 2012

Brewers: Horrible

I can't believe we got shutout by Suppan... Wait, yes I can, because we always loose to shitty pitchers and  rookies.   Soup pitched great!!  A guy that has been in the minors for over a year and has posted over a 12 ERA this season made us look bad, or are we just that fucking bad?!

At this point, this team is kinda garbage.   Weeks sucks, he's always sucked and he will continue to suck.  Even though he's batting like 0.01, Roenicke has chosen to keep him at the leadoff spot.  Watch your back Weeks, there's a Scooter looking to run you over.  Barring injury the chances of Scooter seeing the majors this year are very slim, but if he continues to rake it will be hard to ignore come spring.

Gamel is out for the year.  That really hurts, deep down.  I've never seen anyone with this bad of luck.  Finally gets his real shot and again down with an injury.  Now what?  Ishakawa and Conrad?  That's your solution for the loss of Fielder?  2 guys that have seen limited or no playing time in the past 2 years.  Good luck with that.  Probably time to move Hart to first and call up Logan Schafer OR go grab Erik Komatsu who was put on waivers by the Cards.  He was always solid in our farm.  I know you have too many outfielders as it is, but I'm less than impressed with two of them thus far. (more on that later)

Ramirez has been bad, but I'm still expecting him to come around this month and start knocking in some RBI.  He's had a few miscues on D, but still a definite upgrade from McGehee of 2011.  I'm not keen on the 3 year deal with him, but I think he will be solid for 2. 

Gonzalez is probably the best offseason pickup.  This guys defense has been nothing short of amazing.  Really shows you what a good SS can offer.  Offensively he brings some pop and will probably be a .275 hitter.   Betancourt had moments where he showed talent and had some big post season hits, but he was so streaky as a hitter and his defense was tragic.  This is evident by the shitty Royals moving him to 2nd base.  KC is now just a depository for burned out Brewers.  (kinda like the Brewers are for the Cardinals!)

I really like what Gomez is doing so far.  I think he has earned the center field spot.  Morgan has been less than Plushtamental thus far.  Aoki is a proven hitter in Japan, but hasn't shown consistency in a backup role.  If Aoki is in the lineup he needs to be batting leadoff.  His Slappy McSlapperson style of play does not fit well down in the order.

Braun will be Braun.  Obviously, definitely.

Narveson going down sucked, but I really like Estrada.  Honestly, he's a better pitcher than Narveson.  You'll see.  I think skipping him in a rotation is fucking stupid.  Look how well that worked out for Gallardo against the Cards.  Stick to the plan Roenicke. 

KRud - K-rod has been pure fucking garbage.  I don't even know what you can do there.  Too much money invested, so you gotta ride this out.  No one is  trading for this dude when his ERA is 27.00 in July and he's due millions.

Hart is now running like he has a full poopy diaper.  He's gotten progressively slower and should not be playing outfield any longer.  Watching this guy get bad reads on every ball, then take 5 seconds to get his giant fucking stork legs going as he lollygags every can of corn...  I'm just done with it.

I guess that's it for now.  Needed to vent.   I'm not giving up by any means, but I really do think that some drastic changes are needed.  Be it talent, motivation, team chemistry, other random factor... Something just isn't working.


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