Thursday, January 14, 2010

Too cool for school?

What are the odds that Fielder doesn't show up for the Brewers OnDeck? looking at his track record of skipping two block parties he was scheduled to attend, I would say very likely. He also briefly appeared in the balcony of the Winter Warmup at the Riverside last year days after signing his multi-year deal. You could tell he didn't want to be there and basically said three words "Yeah, you know" and did not take part in the show.

Prince, you're an amazing talent. You had arguably the best season in Brewers history last year and I hope some how we sign you long term. That being said; This city has supported you through your veggie induced Parra shoving, contract anger, tax evasion, attempting to bust into locker rooms to throw down, etc. You have 18 million reasons to show up. Do the right thing.


Garica said...

It looks like the Cards are going to watch Ben Sheets and Turnbow throw.... that's right, the offspring of 3 Mile Island!!

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