Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Daron Sutton has a question

If you didn't hear, Daron Sutton (former Crew TV Announcer) yelled "Are you watching, Milwaukee!?" as the D-Bags walked off on a grand slam last night.

Well, Daron, judging by the number of fans in the D-Bags park last night more people in Milwaukee were watching than in the whole transplant state of AZ. How many "fans" were still there to watch ONE extra inning of baseball that has such heavy playoff implications?

Congrats on selling 2 million tickets! There are what, 4.2 million people in your metro area? You truly do have the greatest fans in baseball! Maybe this time around you can actually sell out your stadium for a playoff game?

Have fun playing the Phillies in the NLDS bozo, cause we're shoving that comment straight up your ass.


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