Thursday, September 15, 2011

Choppy McRally killer / Long overdue angry update

Let's see, my last update was in mid June... I'm trying to remember the topic... Oh, I know, Casey "Chopper" McGehee! Back then I couldn't imagine a scenario where he would still be in the lineup and:

A. Choose a new song that is just as bad
B. Continue to bat .230
C. Continue to show zero range at 3B because he's a fat slob with blown out knees
D. Not be moved down in the order!!!!!!!!!!!! (Until now)
E. Bring up a replacement from Nashville so he can sit on the bench

I realize there are more reasons than just Chopper for this deja vu late season collapse; however, how many times are we going to have to watch Chopper hit into a double play after hitting directly to 3B. This love fest of McGehee needs to end... If you are cheering for him, you are partly responsible for him still being in the lineup. I'm not saying you have to boo, but this unwarranted loud cheering for such a shitty player that has done nothing all year needs to end. Finally moving him down in the order when Weeks returned did nothing but prolong the agony of watching him Chop.

So, we've silenced Nyjer Morgan AKA T-Plush because Chris CarpenterAnt and Alberta Poohole were offended? This team is built on Douche-Baggery.... Stopping that is like ripping their hearts out. Fielder having meat rage, Braun staring down pitchers after a HR, Untucking, bowling pin walkoff, Beast mode, I love it all. The fact that this team is so full of themselves and yet have accomplished squat except a forgettable Wild Card run, makes these antics that much better! It clearly gets into other teams heads. Anything that bothers Tony LaDoucha is cool with me. I say fuck it, let this team run wild. We should have Untucked against the Cards while the crowd chanted SHINGLES SHINGLES!

Apparently, Yuni's name is actually pronounced BetanCOOOOR. Good thing we got that figured out after like 6 years.... No one cares, hit the ball bozo. Just be glad you're not back in Cuba driving a 1947 coupe and eating dirt.

Do I think we're going to make the playoffs... Obviously.
Do I think we're going to get passed the NLDS... Is Chopper still in the lineup followed by BentanCOOOOOOOOOR!?

Regardless if K-Rod isn't happy and Fielder is leaving next year (for a different post) it's time to get shit done. Cross your T's and dial up your douchyness because it's go time.


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